New Year!

BloggPosted by ahmad Wed, January 21, 2009 15:05:32
A New Year, a New Brand!

2009 could not have started much better. Last week I received a mail from
Swedish Fitness, one of the world's largest gym and clothing companies
which sells both the GASP and the Better Bodies brands. So it's an honour to
be receiving a contract with this leading fitness and bodybuilding focused
company whose Better Bodies clothes I will now be provided with. GASP which
traditionally is seen as the more hardcore gym brand and Better Bodies which
has been more focused on fitness are now becoming more aligned and I'm
honoured to be helping Swedish Fitness to try to make their Better Bodies
brand more attractive to the gym and bodybuilding community.

As for my training and competition goals for 2009...things are going as
planned and I will update you all more about this in the near future.

Best wishes,


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