New sponsor Proteinfabrikken!

BloggPosted by ahmad Thu, February 05, 2009 13:43:02

Dear fans!

Last time I wrote it was time for clothing co-operation with Swedish
Fitness (Better Bodies), well now it is time also for a supplement co-operation. Now it is official that I have started to co-operate with my new sponsor
ProteinFabrikken ( which is one of the best
supplement companies in whole Scandinavia and will be world wide known
during the becoming years. Proteinfabrikken started in Norway a few years
ago and already now it has achieved a strong position by becoming the
biggest one in supplement business in Norway, and without any doubts, will
be very successful in Sweden too in the near future.

I chose PF because I have seen how they have developed and became better and
bigger all the time. I have also used PF supplements, and I can say that PF
supplements are one of the bests, or probably the best products I have ever
used during my career.

I am so glad and proud to be a part of ProteinFabrikken Team. I want to
thank Ingmar Davidsson, VD in PF, for believing in me. I am thrilled about
this year and I look forward very nice and successful year 2009.

I want also thank my former sponsor Eiselt for all help and support during
the past 4 years.

Best wishes,


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