Contest prep!

BloggPosted by ahmad Tue, February 17, 2009 15:46:18

Dear fans!

In last week I started with my contest prep and it feels quite ok although I
have been a bit sick as I got flu, but hopefully it is getting better soon.
Weight was 94kg in the beginning with 11% bodyfat when I started and now I
am around 92 kilos, so something is happening! Well you always loose quite
much in the beginning as you drop much water, but let's see what happens.

My goal is to be at least in the same shape I was last time on stage and be
2-3 kilos heavier. Last time I competed I was only 81,5 kilos which is quite
little to battle in the TOP, but I will do my best to be better than last
time and of course, my goal is to qualify to Olympia in under 202 class. My
next contest will be Pittsburgh PRO in Pennsylvania on 2nd May.

I will keep you updated, take care and have some heavy work outs!

Best wishes,


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