10 weeks out!

BloggPosted by ahmad Tue, February 24, 2009 09:55:56

Dear fans!

Now it feels like my prep has started for real and it works as I can see some
more details coming up all the time. I am now 10 weeks out and it feels
awesome, I' am looking forward to see how it will look like compared to my
package I showed last time on stage and interesting to see if I have managed to
make some improvements since my last contest.

I have tried to train my legs 4 days a week - having quads and hams in their
own work outs. It does sound quite much but I try to have 2 work outs a day and
it feels good. My life is a bit easier now compared to how it was before as I
now have only one work to take care of. So it is just to train, eat, work a
bit, eat again, haha and train again and then have some time with my family and
friends, and enjoy the life!

I took some photos of my condition in the end of last week, you can see them
in BODY board:

Take care!


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