Less than 8 weeks!

BloggPosted by ahmad Thu, March 05, 2009 13:57:36

Dear fans!It is less than 8 weeks to my contest. Yesterday I was totally exhausted, hardly could move because had so much pain in all over my body. So it was just to work a bit at my store and then to be home and lie on my bed and watch a bit tv. But otherwise it has been pretty good with work outs and prep, some days I ve trained 2 work outs in a day. Condition becomes better and better and it feels like there will be quite much improvements during this year too. I am a human being like everyone else here on earth so why couldnt I do it if Dexter Jackson can? I don't hurry but at the same time, I don't let days and time just pass by. It took years and years before Dex became Mr Olympia and I ve started my way to be a good bodybuilder. I know what it takes and requires to be a good BBer and now I feel I want to focus on this and just try to become better and better. Now during the weekend I will take myself to Norrköping( Risängsgatan 15 ) and work for PF there as they have open day for PF concept store. So everyone living there near, please come and take a look at the new store filled with high quality and good prized products!

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Have a great weekend and train hard!

Best wishes,


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