6 weeks to go!

BloggPosted by ahmad Tue, March 24, 2009 21:17:24

Hi All!

So, now it is 6 weeks to go. I need to say that this all feels extremely good now. My weight was 88 kilos today and it feels as I was 2 weeks out! So I think there will be one true refeed day with good food for me before the show gets closer.

My goal has always been to improve every year. And I am certainly in the right way - when I started competing 9 years ago my weight was 66 kilos and hopefully it will be now around 85. For me it is a good gain during 9 years as it has always been diffucult for me to add size. Hey, it is nearly 20 kilos muscles we are talking about! :) I know how good I can become and if the God wants and everything goes as planned, I will do my all and everything to become the best.

I know that it can take time but still, I wont let the time and days pass by. It's just to work hard and live with dicipline day in day out.

Train hard now, that is what I will do!


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