Only 5 day mor!

BloggPosted by ahmad Mon, April 27, 2009 20:21:10

Hi All!

Not even a week to the contest day. I saw the competitorlist today and it feels just unbelievable to see soon how it goes and what judges think of my physique compared to others. I will not be the biggest one in the line up on Saturday but if they award symmetry and condition, I'll have all the chances to achieve a good placement. I am really satisfied with what I have done since I competed last time 10 months ago. I will be around 85 kilos at weigh in which was my goal 12 weeks ago when I started my prep having 94 kilos on scale. I am really looking forward the day we will leave Sweden and travel to Pittsburgh. One of my really good friends Christofer Nober will be travelling with me and having him with me will make everything even more fun! Besides the contest there will be much good food, MUCH shopping and enjoying life during the trip.

I wish you all the best,


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