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BloggPosted by ahmad Tue, May 05, 2009 18:46:20

Hi there!

Well, now I am again back in Sweden, I came back couple of hours ago after having such an awesome trip with my good friend Christofer Nober. We had so much fun that it feels like I wanna go and compete again already tomorrow! Everything went as well as possible from the first day to last one. Our hotel was very near to contest place, only 500 meters away which was awesome.

Every single person I met was so nice that it felt almost unreal! I am glad that I got a chance to meet and talk with many awesome people there. Concerning my contest.. well, I achieved all the goals I set in the beginning of my prep. And I am glad and satisfied with the result. I was 85 kilos at weigh in, got the first call out with Correa and Dugdale, and took myself to the finals which was my most important goal. Of course it would have been freaking awesome to qualify to under 202 Olympia already now but it comes soon, I promise.

I knew that Eduardo will be tough one to beat and I also knew that Dugdale will come in with an awesome package. These guys were really good ones and were clearly TOP 2. Both are awesome competitors but they cannot improve and add size that much if they wanna stay in under 202 class. Well anyway, after I got called out in the first call out with 2 times World Champion Eduardo Correa and Mark Dugdale I got a feeling that maybe I will make it to the finals. 2nd call out was between me, George Farah. Rando who is blind (respect!!) and Valentino. Then when I also got the last call out with Dugdale, Farah, Valentino, Da Silva and Arntz, I was nearly 100% sure that I am in finals! It felt good to go and compete in finals, specially after talking with one of my biggest idols, Flex Wheeler who said that I will possibly be 3rd and he also told me that he belives in my chances in the future. On my way to hotel I also met Gaspari and he said if I just had been a few kilos harder, I could have been battleing with TOP 2. To hear such a feedback from these guys gave me much confidence and I gave my all in the finals. I got 4th.

I was a bit disappointed that Jason Arntz beat me and took 3rd but well, he has been competing on pro stages for over 10 years, taken 4th place in Olympia under 202 class last year so he is good. And besides, he is so nice person that I only can wish everyhing good for him. Although, I can say George Farah was not so happy about it and his 5th place but on the other hand, I can understand him.

I wanna thank you everyone for supporting me. It really warms my heart to hear such nice comments and good feedback. I want also thank my awesome sponsors and my family - all of them has helped me really much.

Then I wanna say thank you to my really good friend Christofer Nober for all help and for making this contest trip to be one of the best trips ever. This was something unforgetable. So BIG THANK YOU BRO, soon it is your turn to make damage on stage!

Best wishes,


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