Finally home!

BloggPosted by ahmad Tue, May 12, 2009 13:12:46

Hi all!

Now I am again home after lots of travelling around and it just feels
incredible good to let my body rest and recover after all travelling during the
last weeks. On Thursday I was in Norrköping visiting Ingmar Davidsson,
Proteinfabrikken's VD, and was there at his daughter's funeral who sadly passed
away couple of weeks ago. It was a very beautiful and emotional ceremony in a

On Friday I travelled to Finland, Helsinki, to be ready for Saturday's
photoshooting with a professionall photographer Mike Sirén. Photoshooting took
a bit over 3 hours and the result of it was really good. Besides shooting at
gym, we had plans to take some photos outside but the weather ruined our plans
so we had to forget that. But anyway I am really satisfied with gym photos. You
can see some of those photos in Finland's ProBody magazine in a few months.

Now I will take one week totally OFF in training and just rest, and of course
work a bit, take it easy and enjoy my time with family and after that, new

Best Wishes,


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