New goal!

BloggPosted by ahmad Mon, June 15, 2009 15:58:10

Hi all!

Now it´s almost seven weeks since my latest competition. I didn´t have much of a
rest afterwards, only two weeks and then I was on the go again. At the moment I plan start dieting within three weeks, Atlantic City Pro is on the schedule!

Atlantic Pro will take place on the 11th of September and my diet will last 10 weeks. This is abit shorter time than usual, mostly because of the fact that I haven´t increased so much in fat, only up till 93 kgs. And I´m in much better shape than I was previously at the same weight. This will be the ultimate competition qualifying for Mr Olympia and I have to finish top three to be able to participate in Mr O 202 lb.

My goal is to weigh in on at least 85 kgs, like I did last time, and to be in better shape! Not that I was out of shape in any sense in Pittsburgh Pro, but if you want to be at the front line, you do have to be extremely fit without a single detail missing.

And I promise you all that I´ll do my very best, so keep your fingers crossed!

All the best from


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