Start my prep to Atlantic!

BloggPosted by ahmad Thu, July 02, 2009 15:27:13

Hi all!

Now on monday I will start my contest prep to Atlantic City Pro. Today my
weight was 95 kilos and it feels quite good! But I gotta say that it has not
been that easy to keep my motivation up after my last contest at Pittsburgh.
Some days have been good and I ve felt myself like HULK but then some days have been much worse, I ve felt tired and somehow feeling that I was 60 years old , mostly because I ve had pains everywhere and felt a bit overtrained, body
needed rest! But I ve tried to fight and done things as well as I ve been able
to. But anyway, everything is now quite OK.

My goal keeps me motivated. My placing at Pittsburgh makes me to give a new
try to qualify to Olympia -202 class. And now everything should be even better.
Like I said, I will start my prep in a few days and I will do all and
everything, I will give my 100% to get into best shape of my life. Then it is
judges' job to decide the result and I hope I am good enough this time. But if
I wont achieve my goal so I won't die, I will try again and again, work even
harder and become better and better, and then finally achieve my goal.

Keep training hard, thats what I ll do!

Best wishes,


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