BloggPosted by ahmad Fri, August 21, 2009 13:38:16
Dear friends,

Only 3 weeks left before I head off to Atlantic city to fight for a spot
among the top
three to qualify for Mr Olympia 202lb.

The closer I get the harder it gets but what better inspiration than seeing
my pictures on the cover of ProBody and 7 pages interview (, one of Scandinavia's better magazine with impressive articles and pictures from one of the more talented bodybuilding photographers in the field Mike Siren. Working with
Mike was a great pleasure and experience, he has a real talent and eye for
taking the best shot possible. Thank you Mike!

My thoughts are now on Atlantic city. I have come a long way and with the
years many of my dreams have gradually come true, winng my first bb
competition, competing among the best in Scandinavia, Europe and the World
as an amateur, and receiving my Pro card in LA last year. It's been a long
journey and I can feel that I'm getting closer to my ultimate dream. There
are no shortcuts and, as in life, it's all about your hard work, persistence
and patience. If I don't succeed in qualifying for Mr O then I know that I
have done my best and that I have to work even harder next year. But I am in
better shape than ever before and now it will be up to the judges to see if
I deserve my chance. If I don't succed be sure to know that this will only
make me more determined and motivated to come back even better next year.

So my friends, don't be afraid of your dreams, the pleasure in reaching them
lies in all the hard work and the journey and the
challenges that you overcome along the way.

I hope you are all well. As always thanks for your support.

Best wishes,


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