Sweden GP!

BloggPosted by ahmad Mon, April 13, 2009 22:46:23

Hi All!

In the weekend I travelled to Varberg with my two brothers and I can tell you, we had an awesome weekend at Sweden GP! I was there to meet whole PF Team and do my guest posing on Sunday. I had so much fun in both days. First of all it was so nice to meet whole PF team and talk with them. And the contest itself, huh, one of the best amateur events I ve seen in Scandinavia. Every class was really competitive, specially bodybuilding Grand Prix on sunday was phenomenal. That line up was the best amateur line up ever in Sweden for sure. It was such a pleasure to see so many good competitors on the same stage. Besides enjoying of a great event I had a little photoshoot with a really good photographer Lennart Bergström on Saturday morning.

Now it is only 3 weeks to my contest at Pittburgh Pro and it feels good. Tomorrow I will start with my morning cardios which I havent been doing yet. I have been trying to avoid morning walks during my prep as I really dont want to loose too much size. And now it feels it was a smart choice and not to start with cardio sessions any earlier. I have learned how my body works and I have tried to listen myself and my body, not too much the others. Well anyway now it is just to work hard the last weeks and see what will happen.

Best wishes,


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Posted by Hasse Thu, April 16, 2009 22:14:04

Tack det är bra, jag tränar på enligt schemat. Trevlig helg ! Hasse

Posted by Hasse Thu, April 16, 2009 22:14:03

Tack det är bra, jag tränar på enligt schemat. Trevlig helg ! Hasse

Posted by Ahmad Wed, April 15, 2009 20:49:14

Tack Hasse!

Hoppas att allt e bra med dig?


Posted by Hasse Wed, April 15, 2009 18:51:13

Du ser riktigt ut att vara i bra form Ahmad. Hasse