6 weeks out!

BloggPosted by ahmad Mon, July 27, 2009 21:28:35

Hi all!

Six weeks to go before getting back on stage. And it feels great.

But it didn't start that way. This time around I thought that I would make
minor change to my dieting routine and introduce the zero carb-high fat-high
protein diet sooner than usual. Big mistake or not. Although I introduced the low
carb diet for the last 5 weeks last time which worked fine two weeks into
the diet now and I hit the wall. No energy, no hunger and hardly any motivation,
that's what zero carbs and a keto diet does to you. Bear in mind that
training is still going on and you can imagine how it all adds up. And my
body wasn't responding as expected either.

The zero carb diet is well proven and known to work, but this diet works
better for more overweight bodies that need to lose a lot of body fat. In
other words for those that bulk up substantially during the off season or
are overweight/obese. For me personally, this diet is far from ideal since I
keep my body fat levels relatively low all year round and have adapted to
dieting with carbs in my diet but with less fat and more cardio. Lesson to
be learnt friends: Find what works and stick to it!

So now I'm back on my normal dieting routine, allowing some carbs especially
early on in the day and cutting the fat out. Already my body has kick
started my metabolism and I'm already starting to see the results.
Motiviation is not the same as it used to be so I have to work twice as hard
to keep my motivation up. Dreams should not be easy to reach, otherwise what
would be the point in achieving them?

Now I feel more alive than ever having to fight and work twice as hard hard
to achieve my dream.

So let go my friends. Let's do this together. And we must never give up no
matter how many challenges come our way...

Some pics 6 weeks out


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Posted by sully Sun, August 02, 2009 00:15:26

Thank you for sharing- I've always loved your shape, size and dfinition. Good luck!!!