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BloggPosted by ahmad Tue, September 08, 2009 04:45:05

Dear friends,

So now I’m on my way to compete at the Atlantic City Pro in the 202lb
category and I’m really looking forward to the opportunity of displaying the
results of all my hard work over the past year. During the past 12 weeks my
conditioning has greatly improved as a result of all my efforts with both
the dieting and the many hours of morning walks and cardio in the gym.
Last weekend I had the honour of guest posing at the Swedish Strong Man
completion which was a first time attending this type of event. A clip of my
routine can be found at the below link

I have to admit that one doesn’t appreciate how impressive these strong men
athletes truly are until you see it with your own eyes. A huge
congratulation to the impressive young Proteinfabriken talent Johannes Årsjö
who at the age of 24 years won the 2009 Swedish Strongman Championships. The
day after, I went to Norrköping for a photo session for my sponsor
Proteinfabriken who will be launching the new hardcore brand Ironcore in the
near future. Although I always enjoy the opportunity of guestposing and
photo shots it was a real challenge so close to my competition especially
when the normal dieting and pre-contest routine is interrupted. But it was a
lot of fun and I’m grateful for the positive feedback and the opportunity to
work with PF who have been incredibly supportive during my pre-contest

I’ll be travelling around in the US and will be in Atlantic city until the
15th September after which I’ll get the chance to have a photo session with
various photographers in LA including one session with Ironman magazine.

All going well in Atlantic city and I’ll continue my journey to compete in
Las Vegas in the 202lb in Mr Olympia. But for that I’ll need to make the top
three in Atlantic city. I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life and
whatever happens I know that will have done my best to get this far.

Some new pics

So my friends, if you don’t hear from me before then I hope that you will
wish me luck on the 11th when I will fight for my chance to achieve a
childhood dream of competing in Mr O.

Thanks as always for your support.

Best wishes,


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Posted by kk Thu, September 10, 2009 09:46:06

ja lyckat till nu brosan. du har aldrig var i sadan form sa det ska bli kul o se hur det gar. hors, kk