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BloggPosted by ahmad Fri, October 02, 2009 11:46:27
Dear Fans,

Now I have returned home and started to recover from my US trip. After my
contest I travelled on to Los Angeles and stayed at a hotell next Venice
Beach (yepp that's the beach you always see on TV when they're filming in
California). And of course I was not going to miss the chance to train at
the class Gold's Gym where I met many of the famous bodybuilders around. If
you ever need inspiration then Gold's Gym is definitely worth a visit.

Then I had my photosession with Ironman magazine which went great and I
can't wait to see some of these pictures. I will of course share them with
you on the website. I also used my trip to LA do some business, as you might
know I have had some plans to get into the gym business so I met with some
representatives of a major gym equipement company. And I am glad to announce
that I will indeed be importing many of my machines that can only be found
in the US.

For the rest of my visit....well I mostly spent it eating, lying in the sun
and meeting some friends. California is really beutiful, I can see why so
many professional body builders end up moving to LA, I would probably have
done the same had not been for the fact that I would have been so far away
from my family and friends in Sweden.

So what does the future hold for me?
Well, not really sure at this point in time but I know that I will have my
hands full setting up the gym which should be complete over the next
couple of months. And meanwhile I will focus my plans on putting on some
more mass since this will be needed for any future success at the ever more
competitive pro level. It's the pre-70's a muscular upper
body was more than enough to get noticed, late 80-90's size started playing
a more important role in succeding followed by a more recent increasing
focus on symmetry and proportionality. Now most have the complete package,
mass, definition and symmetry. How? By focusing on the what ever is lagging
behind (mass, legs, definition). Some are more difficult to change than
others but they all require dedication and hard work.

Now that I have a better understanding of what is required from me to
compete at the top, I can focus my efforts on achieving my dreams. And of
course one could not be more inspired than from watching the recent Mr

I'll also be visiting the Swedish National championships and catch up with
my sponsors PF. And I am hoping that my good and talented friend Ahmed
Sakawan who I have been helping for the past 12 weeks will be successful.
His shape and symmetri are the results of a lot of hard work and should
surprise many.

I hope to see you at the Nationals, if not then best wishes. Work hard and
look after your health, we only get one body so let's work with it and make
the most of it.

Best wishes,


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