The past four month!

BloggPosted by ahmad Tue, March 09, 2010 13:23:25
Dear Fans,

One of my greatest dreams has come true! I have now finally qualified to Mr
Olympia with my runners up placement at the Phoenix Pro. Despite my
disappointment over not succeeding last year, my planning, hard work and all
of your support has finally paid off.

The past four month have been an amazing journey in my life so far and I
could not be more satisfied with what I have been able to accomplish. And of
course there has been a fair amount of activities since you heard from me
last including the opening of our new gym AA Elit Fitness, my family and of
course my preparation and success in Phoenix Pro.

It all really kicked off after the Fitness festival last year when I
received notice that the new machines for the gym were on the way from the
States which meant that a lot had to be in place for the opening ceremony of
the gym. And then of course I got the fantastic news that our first-born is
expecting in the beginning of May. So all this meant that I needed to
reconsider my contest preparation plans for the rest of the year if I wanted
a chance to qualify for Mr Olympia 24th September 2010. Of course the most
important thing in life is the family although with careful planning it is
still possible to make room for work, career and training. There are no

So I decided to put all my efforts into the Phoenix Pro which was earlier in
the year to try to make the top three for a ticket to Mr O. By doing this I
took the risk of maybe not being as heavy as I could have been if I
continued preparing for a later contest in the year although I also knew
that my chances to qualify would likely improve based on that the line-up
might not be as competitive closer to September. And I am glad that my
calculations paid off since although the line up was good it was comparably
less tough to my contests last year and of course I got my preparation spot
on and was in the best shape possible.

I started my diet 10 week pre-contest which is unusual since I usually start
12-14 weeks pre-contest. This is mostly to avoid the stress since I still
have to continue working in spite of being Pro and mostly have various
commitments during my diet including planned photo shoots or guest posing
events which of course require me to be in top shape. And this time around I
also had a couple of photo shoots which of course is fun but very demanding
physically. Well I guess that the price I have to pay to live up to my
reputation as Pro.

As for the contest, I had my good friend Oliver with me who competed in the
open category where the competition was very tough. And in spite of that
Oliver was in very good shape, he didn't get the result he had hoped for.
But me and Oliver spoke a lot during our journey on areas of improvements
and about expectations as Pro so it's all about getting back in the gym and
I am convinced that you'll see a new and improved Oliver back on stage

Following the contest, I quickly had to get back to work on the opening of
AA Elit Fitness Gym which was opened on the same weekend as I returned to
Sweden. So no rest and little sleep and instead full pace trying to get the
last in place for the ceremony which went above my expectations.

Now it's all about increasing our supplement range and starting to serve
fresh juices, protein drinks, sandwiches, salads in the I guess I
won't have much rest ahead but I couldn't be more grateful for this
opportunity to work with what I love the most.

I'll of course also start getting in shape to give 100% to get better for Mr
O where I'll be competing in the 202lb class on the 25th September as the
first ever Swede/Iraqi!

pre-contest support, to the opening ceremony of AA Elit Fitness Gym. Without
your help all of this would not have been possible.

Thank you for living up to your word and keeping your promises.
I hope you'll take the chance to come and visit me in the gym

Best wishes,


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Posted by sully Tue, March 23, 2010 22:07:35

Congrats! You look amazing as always, looking forward to seeing you compete in the fall.